There are moments in which time seems to stand still, moments destined to become memories.

J.Rose is the gin that brightens those moments that remain forever.

Discover J.Rose events

7-9 November 2023

Athens Bar Show
Stand 100

12-14 February 2024

Wine Paris
& Vinexpo Paris

22-25 April 2024

Salón Gourmets Madrid
Stand 8D06

13-14 May 2024

RBS Roma Bar Show
Stand K11

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The Gin of Italian style

While admiring the sinuous curves of Italy as it lies on the Mediterranean we become seduced by its wonders: mountains, lakes, hills, the waves that bathe the shores of the Bel Paese.

A land rich in artistic cities that teem with works created by great personalities of the past.

J.Rose has the soul of this Italy and the creation of the artisanal labels that cover each bottle is inspired by the Masters who made the history of art, with the use of a mixture obtained from Carrara marble and Roman Travertine, materials with which famous statues and monuments were made.

To celebrate the wonders we are surrounded by, J.Rose labels are designed by Milo Manara, seductive and at times provocative icons, to charm gin lovers and delight unique moments in our lives.

Enjoying J.Rose is like attending a Premiere at the Teatro alla Scala.

On stage there is a work composed of nine precious botanical elements who, united, perform by delighting the palate with grace and elegance to offer an intense and pleasurable experience.

An author's work that we hope will be accompanied by a long applause from exclusive spectators. The predominant notes of J.Rose are those of juniper.

In the nose it is warm and pungent. The delicate citrus scents of bergamot and mandarin peel are refreshing and provide a soft and silky balance. The aroma of prickly pear blossoms bounces from the nose to the palate and releases a fruity aftertaste. The woody essence is given by the oak bark, characterised by toasted notes that evoke those of hazelnut and walnut.

Its 43% alcohol content enhances the nine botanicals, making it a perfect gin for the most exclusive cocktails. 

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